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Weekly Wisdom motivates students to read God’s Word

Freshman Joy Johnson writes personal revelations about God’s mercy and faithfulness. Johnson received encouragement through Ty Faulk’s Weekly Wisdom.

photo by Ashleigh Ward


The TKA mobile app is an easily accessible way to equip students, parents and faculty with new information. Every week Ty Faulk, the Dean of Spiritual Development, writes an inspiring letter to students. His words of encouragement fuel and prepare students’ hearts for the upcoming school week.

“My hope is that the Weekly Wisdom can encourage students and parents with a simple Scripture that can give Biblical guidance for their week,” Mr. Faulk said.

Ty Faulk communicates in a straightforward manner that incorporates God’s Word throughout his message. The insights shared are applicable to all ages.

“He has written [Weekly Wisdom] to where it is not like I think ‘oh good grief this is for a second grader,’ but it is something a second grader could understand,” Bible teacher Mrs. Becky Hembree said.

Weekly Wisdom is designed to be read as a group, in a family or individually. Each devotion relates to challenges faced by every Christian.

The devotions focus on incorporating life principles into the school’s atmosphere and its culture. Each study highlights a verse that contains the overarching theme for the week.

“The topic is inspired by what I see going on in the world or within the school,” Mr. Faulk said. “We want to apply Biblical wisdom to the lives of our parents and students to show that God’s Word is sufficient and can provide us with the wisdom we need.”

Mrs. Hembree said she plans to include ideas from Weekly Wisdom into her class lectures to motivate her students to read his devotionals.

“He is encouraging you to trust the Lord and to rest in who He is and what He has done for you,” Mrs. Hembree said. “He is encouraging you in your faith.”

Positive feedback from TKA families proves the effectiveness of communicating God’s Word through the new app.

“I have been very encouraged by parents and teachers via email and inperson about the Weekly Wisdom,” Mr. Faulk said. “I think parents and faculty are on the app more so they see it. As they [the students] get familiar with the app, they will likely begin to engage with it more.”

With technology at their fingertips, students constantly check their phone for updates, making Weekly Wisdom an easily accessible resource.

“The devotions are concise and to the point and gives us all something to really think about,” Christine Haynes, a TKA parent, said. “Mr. Faulk’s Weekly Wisdom is always spot on and timely to what our family needs at that moment.”

Weekly Wisdom is a great way to nurture our relationship with the Lord and keep our focus on Him throughout the day. Making God’s Word a central part of the TKA app fosters an awareness of His presence and emphasizes our reliance on Him in our school.

“I think we see in Scripture over and over again that we are told to remember, remember, remember because we forget so easily,” Mrs. Hembree said. “I think it’s going to just be one more tool to remind us to be faithful and to trust the Lord.”


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