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Careers teacher and student form supportive niche on TikTok

Before becoming a teacher at The King’s Academy, Mrs. Jessica Case was a hostess, waitress and manager at several restaurants and her mom’s store, All 4 Kids. She discovered TikTok and began to create uplifting content multiple times a month to eventually grow her following to 18.8 thousand. Cailynn Clauss, a sophomore with 51 thousand followers, posts volleyball videos one to three times a week.

Mrs. Case began her journey to fame on the app and converted to TikTok in 2018. Clauss followed in the footsteps of other internet-famous volleyball players, like Victoria Gerric, one of her role models who moved with to TikTok.

“I just found [TikTok] because ads for it kept popping up, so I downloaded it and started looking through it,” said Mrs. Case. “The videos were easy to make because they were short. I thought maybe I could use [TikTok] to influence others in a positive way and encourage people. My ultimate goal was and is to lead everyone to Jesus Christ through the content I create.”

Mrs. Case strives to create an environment where people come for clean, uplifting content. She is always strategizing on growing her channel without wavering her beliefs in, though the climate on Tiktok can make it difficult to keep a Christian worldview.

“I am a Christian,” said Mrs. Case. “I want to make TikToks that have Christian values and morals, because if I post something that is not Christ-like, that tells people that it is okay to do something that is against the Bible even if you are a Christian. It all relates to Christ. I always think, ‘Would [Jesus] be proud of me for posting this?’

“I feel like I can be an example for them of how to play,” said Clauss. “I use God’s word to show them who God is. My goal is to spread the word about volleyball and God, as well.”

Clauss’s followers are mostly late elementary and middle school students who are just starting their volleyball careers. She works to make sure her content is safe for her viewers, but she also works to make sure that the content she views is clean.

“I usually click the Not Interested button when I see something that upsets me or I do not agree with,” said Clauss.

Both Clauss and Mrs. Case agree that TikTok is a great way to further the Gospel and witness to thousands of people that they may never have come into contact with otherwise.

There is still an overwhelming majority who have never received the Gospel, yet Clauss and Mrs. Case face this challenge head-on, serving Christ in everything they post.


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