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Chick-fil-A operator encourages irrational Kindness’ with new book

Kevin Williams is not a stranger to Canton’s residents. After managing various Chick-fil-A restaurants around the Canton area for nearly three decades, Williams has seen firsthand how kindness affects others. These experiences inspired his book, “Irrational Kindness: The Crazy Pursuit of an Extraordinary Life.”

“It began as a creative idea to share all the things I talk about in Coffee with Kevin, which is a time I invite all newly hired team members to,” said Williams. “[I have] seen the joy of embracing kindness towards yourself and others. This book shares the stories I have seen unfold in serving thousands of guests and team members.”

Throughout his time with Chick-fil-A, Williams realized God was calling him to write a book on what he had learned, taught and experienced.

“You don’t have to know exactly where you are going to take bold steps,” said Williams. “I worked on [the book] for four years. [Most of the time was spent] learning everything I was talking about in the book and continuing with the next step, even when challenges and thoughts of quitting pop up all along the way. Persistence and patience create grit.”

Williams explains how acts of kindness do not have to be elaborate to make an impact. Often, simple acts can alter the lives of one’s community.

“I have found you don’t have to know everything to write an amazing life song,” said Williams. “Some of my favorite songs can be played by using three guitar chords... joy, gratitude, generosity, fun, freedom, forgiveness and gentleness are just a few [chords] that can light up the world.”

Throughout the process of writing “Irrational Kindness,” many truths stuck out to him, one of which is the way one’s perspective of one’s own self and others can change.

“[There is] beauty in the irrational,” said Williams. “It is a perspective change that seeks to understand things like failure, persistence and a heart for others, all while celebrating the original way God designed you… Jesus did this amazingly. He taught things like how to love our enemies and going with someone a second mile. It changes everything when we seek to see fresh perspectives.”

Williams published his book in Jan. 2021 and had the opportunity to promote his book throughout the United States. Starting Jan. 11, 2021, Mr. Willians began his tour by traveling from Canton to New York City. He partnered with Chick-fil-A restaurants in various states and visited over 10 cities in less than a week.

While it may seem irrational, Williams is donating all of his book proceeds to foster and adoptive families, making a difference in the lives of many children and their families.

Whether it is purchasing a book or engaging in a simple act of kindness to a neighbor, Williams hopes to encourage kindness in his community.

“Kindness is something that we all can do,” said Williams. “It often costs no money, and we all can join in on this journey… Some things take a few minutes in life, so just dig in until your next step… Gain a fresh lens to attack your ambitions one step at a time, learning a ton along the way.”

“Irrational Kindness” is available for purchase at Barnes & Noble, Walmart, Target, Amazon and Bookshop.


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