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Finding the bright side in a year full of disappointment

2020 is almost over. We’re so close to the end.

The year started with the tragic and unexpected death of Kobe Bryant, his daughter, and seven other people; a pandemic then shut the world down. After we came out of quarantine, wildfires destroyed the west coast, from California to Washington state, followed by the influx of murder hornets: 3 inches of pure horror. These events could only be followed by a Category 2 hurricane, which hit Louisiana and made its way to Georgia, wiping out the power grid for miles around.

So often, we as a society focus on the bad things that have wrecked our lives. The news covers the negative events that happen on a daily basis. Society has, in a way, brainwashed us into thinking about the negative before the positive.

The world bonded through this one thing, a pandemic; we all had that in common.

If we step back and look at what has happened this year, many events have occurred to prepare us for life. Students learned to be flexible and adapt as life has been constantly changing. Personally, I have learned that school is not a nine-to-five job that requires constant thought and attention. Although school is important, it does not have to be done first thing in the morning.

God told us that we would have struggles. This year has exemplified His words through the many trials and tribulations which have befallen us. Knowing that we can trust that God is in control can give us the confidence to be positive. “You are my hiding place; you will protect me from trouble and surround me with songs of deliverance,” says Psalms 32:7

Several times this year, I have had to decide between choosing joy and positivity or acknowledging all the bad things going on around me. Trusting God had allowed me to have freedom knowing that he is in control.

Being positive is one-way believers can be a light for Jesus. When the world looks at 2020 and says, “Man, that was a really bad year,” we can be the ones who reply saying, “2020 had its challenges, but look at how many new things you learned!” This can be our goal for the last two months of the year: be positive in everything and finish out the year strong.


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