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Scheffler wins; Tiger returns to 2022 Masters championship

Only 56 days after winning the Phoenix Open, Scottie Scheffler has become a champion of the most distinguished golf tournament ever created, The Masters. Tiger Woods also competed, placing 47th in his first major tournament after returning from a 2021 car accident.

Scottie Scheffler’s quick rise to popularity caught the attention of many, causing them to wonder what his future will be like. He has two tournament wins under his belt, bringing dozens of sponsorship opportunities and other ways to advance his career.

“I knew Scheffler was good, but he’s been on fire lately,” said sophomore James Staples. “He’s won five out of seven matches. I wasn’t rooting for him but it was really great that he won, but I think Tiger is done. He’s had so many injuries. I think Scheffler will play well for the next year or so, but I feel like he’s gonna lose it in the next few years.”

For Scheffler, one of the most interesting parts of the whole tournament was the 18th hole, which ended in a bogey. Scheffler said his tee shot was poor, but his recovery was excellent, launching the ball a few yards away from the hole.

“I wasn’t surprised actually that Scheffler won. He was number one in the world prior to the tournament and after Friday. It was clear he was going to win because he was three or four shots under second place. I think he has a bright future because he is only 25, but as we all know in sports there are highs and lows. I don’t believe this will last forever. Being number one in the world is hard to maintain”

Woods’ car accident almost killed him. However, the surgery on his leg allowed his career to resume only a year later. Even so, his placement in the first portion of the Masters prevented him from competing in the latter two days of the competition. Many are wondering if Woods’ career will soon come to an end.

“I really think Tiger is finished with winning the Masters,” said sophomore Colin Harrison. “It is sad to say, but he has had multiple surgeries and back injuries that affect his playing too much. He is no doubt the best player of all time, but it was a miracle that he was even at the Masters this year.”

Many students love the last day of the tournament the most, whilst others also appreciate the beautiful scenery that has been there for almost one hundred years, when it was founded by Bobby Jones.

“My favorite part of the Masters has always been the scenery,” said Harrison. “It is such a beautiful and hidden course and it never fails to impress me.”


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