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Seniors offer advice, share memories

As the school year closes, two seniors, Sarah Kate Jones and Caleb Kinyon, reflect on their high school experiences and offer encouragement to fellow students.


Q: If you could go back in time and give your ninth grade self one piece of advice what would it be?

A: “I can remember the first day of ninth grade, in my first class, Mrs. Kennedy said, ‘Don’t take a second for granted cause it seems like it’s far away, but you’ll blink and you’ll be graduating.’ I kind of brushed that off,” said Jones. “But now that I’m about to graduate, I completely understand what she meant. Appreciate every moment you have because, trust me, it’ll fly by.”

Q: What has been the hardest part of high school for you?

A: “For me it’s been staying motivated. I often will put things off and wait until the last minute. What has helped me is making a schedule with time to complete each thing to try to procrastinate less,” said Jones.

Q: What would you say is the biggest difference between freshman you and senior you?

A: “Being saved...It’s totally changed my outlook on life, school, relationships, everything,” said Kinyon. “Just having a desire to honor others and work my hardest. It’s been a major change."

Q: What fashion choice do you regret the most?

A: “In ninth grade I had this really big, big haircut,” said Kinyon. “It literally was probably a foot tall. That would be my biggest regret. I got called a Kiwi bird because of it.”

Q: What advice do you have for the rising seniors?

A: “My biggest piece of advice is to soak up every second. This year has flown by for me, but my friends and I have made the most out of the time we have left together and have made a lot of memories,” said Jones. “It’s also really easy to get lazy and not want to work as hard because you’re so close to being done, but keep going because you want to end on a strong note.”

Q: In your opinion, what is the best part of high school?

A: “I’d say the best part of high school is just the in between time. The time in the hallways, you can talk about what happened in class, and you really get to bond with different people you just never knew before,” said Kinyon. “You bond over random stuff, with people you never would’ve talked to.”

Q: As you begin to step away from high school, what encouragement would you like to give everyone?

A: “Soak up every moment because it’ll fly by. Find a good group of friends that will lead you to be more like Christ and make high school so much fun,” said Jones. “It’s okay to not feel like you have that amazing group yet, but God will put people in your life and some people will drift away. It’s all a part of His plan. Just be yourself and enjoy every second.”

A: “If you’re not prioritizing Christ, you have no real goal,” said Kinyon. “You can focus on anything in your high school career, whether it’s friends, or a certain class, but that’s all misleading, none of that is truly going to affect you like the lasting impact of doing something unto the Lord. Not only does it impact you here, but also in eternity.”


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