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Seniors reconnect with childhood memories via kindergarten backpacks

Along with starting their last year of high school, seniors reminisce about the earlier days that led up to the final destination. While they look back on the past, sudden memories create smiles and positive flashbacks but also put a new style and trend on their backs.

Recently, kindergarten-style backpacks have helped seniors pay tribute to the last 12 years of their lives. Batman, “Paw Patrol”, Pokémon, Mario, “Lilo and Stitch” and “Scooby Doo” designs turn the normal hallways into a scene from a cartoon show.

Although it may seem childish, the backpacks bring back the youthfulness of elementary school for both boys and girls. Senior Noah Wilkes says it reminds students of a time that was stress free. With a familiar fashion sense, seniors are ready to complete their high school journeys.

Participating in the nostalgic trend, seniors Maggie Shook and Lauren Wimberly show off their fashionable Spiderman and Lightning McQueen themed backpacks.

“When I first saw the kids backpack trend, I thought it was kinda weird and pointless,” said senior Jessica Niss, who sports a dinosaur backpack. “But after letting the idea sink in, I realized the whole point of it was to just have some fun. For me, I see this trend as a fun and memorable way to end my last year of high school.”

Although the end is near, the past will never be forgotten. Recollections from kindergarten to their current year create nostalgia from within and have a strong impact on students.

“Elementary school founded relationships that would last into middle school and high school,” said senior Virginia Rice. “Middle school was an adventure, of which our brains blocked out pretty much all of seventh grade, and high school was wonderful. My favorite classes, teachers, and class dynamics grew and became more and more interesting and sometimes terrifying.”

While memories often bring euphoria, they also come with self-reflection and a better look at personal growth.

“The past 12 years have been awesome, unforgettable, and extremely important to how I've become the person I am today,” said Niss. “ I think growing up at King's has shaped me in a way no other school could.”

Nostalgia often is about relationships, places and objects that hold a sentimental or important value to people. Remembering experiences that are like treasures is more likely as opposed to ones that carry no true meaning.

“I think people get nostalgic over memories in which they felt at peace,” said Wilkes. “People think about the times where they felt loved and when they were surrounded by the people they care about.”

Dealing with the past can recapture favorable events or experiences that one misses deeply. Acknowledging and facing them is difficult, knowing that going back in time is not an option.

“I think nostalgia is a good emotion because it reminds you of what you held or hold most important,” said senior Ashlyn Davidson. “It can be a hard emotion to experience because it is usually a memory or time that you miss, but I think it’s important [to recognize it] .”

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