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TKA choir creates lifelong memories for members

Music teacher Mrs. Walter points at the sopranos to let them know that it is their turn to sing an echo part of the song, “The Bells of Christmas Medley.” The choir currently has five sopranos.

photo by Emma Scrivner


The TKA choir generates an environment that is both enjoyable and productive due to its overall laid-back atmosphere and hard work invested by members. The choir consists of 11 students and is taught by music teacher, Anna Walter. Proving to help students grow in their relationships with God and others, the choir continues to hope in the class’s future expansion, inviting more students to enjoy all aspects of choir.

This year the choir will have two concerts: Dec. 15 and May 11, in addition to participating in the Homecoming game, where they will sing the national anthem. Some choir students will have the chance to perform in the GAPPS honors chorus on March 23 at Truett McConnell University.

Choir is known for being a relaxed and fun class while also working on and creating excellent music. At the start of class, members spend their time stretching and warming up using scales, shorter group pieces and rounds. This is then followed by practicing their performance pieces. That may mean focusing on a small section of a particular song, pulling it apart and analyzing it or running through several songs a couple of times.

“It has always been a really great place where I can relax and spend time with people but still work on something and do things that feel meaningful,” senior Rachel Solomon said. In the future, the choir hopes to gain more people.

The choir would be delighted to welcome singers of any skill level. Drama students are especially encouraged to join, as the choir could help them improve their musical abilities for auditions.

“I know TKA’s Thursday schedule is very busy, but choir is so fulfilling and also prepares [students] for other areas,” Mrs. Walter said.

Not only does the choir sing, but they also have the opportunity to worship God together and praise Him through difficult times.

“When I look back at my time at TKA, I remember when we dedicated a song about the journey to heaven to three people we lost in one year on campus: Mrs. Layne, Mrs. Sanford and Millie Kelly. There were tears on the stage and in the audience,” Mrs. Walter said. “Or when we had choir class after COVID and had our first moments outside wearing masks, singing ‘Be Thou My Vision,’ still knowing that God is in control.”

“Though they grow their musical abilities and work for an exceptional performance, it is the journey of sharing that hard work with others that truly makes the choir so special,” said Mrs. Walter. Choir is not only a chance to sing with other people, but it allows for students to be themselves and create something worth sharing.

“For me, choir is not just a musical ensemble; it’s a chance to create art with others,” Mrs. Walter said. “There’s something special about experiencing the emotional beauty of music with other people. When I see my students’ faces reflect that awe, it’s worth every bit of the effort we put forth.”


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